Information has assumed greater significance than ever as a vital resource in teaching-learning process. The complementary role of the library as an inevitable partner in an educational institute needs no new mention. Many new dimensions have been added to the library. Electronic information resource as an important component of the library is growing year after year. The computer has swept the library in all (i.e.,) operations-storage and dissemination of information.

The college library started 6 years ago in a humble way, has grown in many directions fulfilling the ever increasing information needs of the departments on one hand and keeping abreast of the emerging technologies relating to library. There is need for a special mention on a few counts:

  1. The Library is extensively utilized. Special care is taken to educate and encourage its users on the importance of reading.
  2. Text books are made available maintaining reasonable student-book ratio.
  3. Special care has been taken to develop digital library.
  4. There are optimum number of persons on the staff of library.
  5. The volume of library services provided to the users are highly satisfactory, and;
  6. Total 15,000 Volumes and 3,500 titles are available in the college library.


In order to provide access to electronic sources of information, digital library is started with a provision of 24 computer systems. The following services are available:

  1. Catalogue of Project Reports submitted to the Departments of the Engineering College.
  2. Browsing catalogue of Project Reports, Back Volumes of Periodicals, C.Ds., Question Papers with writing facility.
  3. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
  4. Access to free open source journals and books.