Electrical Electronics Engineering                            INTAKE   M.Tech (PE): 18,   B.Tech: 60

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a continuously evolving subject. As technology has advanced, so have the challenges facing the modern engineer. The present power hungry society demands that the electrical engineer look towards non conventional renewable ways of quality power generation.


The challenges for a electrical engineer are many fold starting form power generation to distribution. The compact and miniatmised systems and gadgets need tiny electric motors based on technologies of rare earth magnets etc…This is a challenging field in which a student with a bent of mind towards research will be able to take up the problem. The undergraduate degree courses offered by the department provide a comprehensive foundation in the core topics of EEE coupled with an area of specialization relevant to emerging engineering challenges. The curriculum has been designed to create professional Electrical & Electronic Engineers, who can serve in the field of core electrical engineering and allied disciplines, and other related fields.

The course curriculum apart, ideas are created for the student to take up the challenging task vis-à-vis today requirement.


To develop a program that excels in education and research in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


To impart high quality technical education and training in Electrical and Electronics Engineering on students to help them to become successful in industry or research and serve the society.


  • To impart excellent knowledge and skills in emerging technology to the students.
  • To guide students in personality development and communication skills.
  • To promote research activities in the fields of Power Systems & Power Electronics Engineering.
  • To upgrade the labs with the current technology
  • To organize training programs / workshops for upgrading staff and student performance.
  • To conduct national level paper contest for the students
  • To strengthen Industry-Institute Interaction.
  • To publish technical papers in National / International journals and to present papers in conferences.
  • To improve campus placements in core areas of electrical and electronics engineering.
  • To develop awareness of impact of technology on the society among the staff and the students.
  • To maintain good relationship with alumni.
  • To start second specialization for PG course.
  • To enhance UG course intake from 60 to 120.