Electronics And Communications Engineering   INTAKE  M.Tech (VLSI): 24,   B.Tech: 120

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are many exciting avenues for exploration. Medical electronics, Aviation electronics, the wireless communication are the areas of challenge and opportunity for the electronics and communication engineers. The filed of entertainment electronics is other challenging area for research with 3D TVs, video telephony etc..


While pursuing the curriculum as per the university syllabus, students are provided ample opportunity to take on mini projects to further their creative and innovative skills. The field of digital signal processing and satellite communication is the best and emerging areas to look out for.

VISION Our vision is to develop the department into a full-fledged centre of learning in various fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering keeping in view the latest developments.

MISSION The aim of the course is to turn out full-fledged Engineers in the field of Electronics Communication Engg. with an overall back-ground suitable for making a successful career either in industry/research or higher education in India and abroad.


  • To start PG programmes with specialization in
    • Microwave & Radar Engg.
    • Digital Systems
  • To conduct short term courses in various fields of Electronics & Communication Engg. to cater to the needs of young staff members in various colleges in the Private sector.
  • To Improve the consultancy and research activities.


  • To impart good technical knowledge to the students.
  • To fulfill the needs of the society in the various fields related to Electronics & Communication engineering.
  • To organize training programs / workshops for upgrading staff performance.
  • To establish Industry-Institute Interaction.
  • To publish technical papers in National/ International journals.

New initiatives are being taken to improve academic performance of students. Efforts are being put to increase the percentage of first classes and distinctions and hence placements.