Computer Science Engineering                             INTAKE M.Tech(CSE) : 18,   B.Tech: 60

We cannot imagine the modern day world with out computers. They are all pervasive and penetrated in to all walks of life including educational institutions, industry and into the minutest graduates at home. To be effective one has to develop a technique for innovation and a bent of mind for research. The most challenging also the lucrative field is software industry and engineering. Every students looks towards software industry for their jobs.


The curriculum reflects the depth and scale of computer science. Much emphasis is laid on the particle understanding of the technology. They are trained in critical areas like programming, networking, web systems, information management and Human computer Interaction.

Students are given a broad technical understanding of current and emerging technologies in the IT field. They are also introduced to systems engineering concepts.


The class room is designed with an IT environment and has every facility for research and study. All students have access to computing facilities that allow them to achieve their tasks with ease.


  • To prepare graduates to handle computer software and hardware oriented projects for the industry
  • To develop excellence in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • To Organize Post Graduate Programmes in Software Engineering and Network Security
  • To develop Research activity in department


    Teaching Staff – Qualifications and skill upgrades

  • Teaching staff and their dedication to quality teaching.
  • Well equipped laboratory with latest computers systems.
  • Internet Facility with 8 MBPS leased line catering 150 computer systems
  • working up to 6.30 PM on working days
  • About 15% students of CSE are going abroad for higher studies and
  • 58% students got campus placements in 2013.