Civil Engineering                                                         INTAKE 60

The department of Civil Engineering pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers- with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduate students. Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast – paced world.


The undergraduate program imparts students with mastery in the filed of civil engineering besides fluency in mathematics , physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics- essential requirements for any successful civil engineer. Students gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites etc. qualified and experienced faculty members form the department. They specialize in structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, transportation, surveying and construction engineering, as well as management and remote sensing GIS.


  1. To give the nation qualitative Civil Engineers, who can contribute for the construction of a better world with sophisticated infrastructural facilities, eco friendly houses, modern transportation facilities with a pollution free environment and to protect the precious natural resources of this planet.
  2. To mould the students into good entrepreneurs and to promote self confidence and all-round development of the student personality through special lectures, practical training programmes, field visits and technical seminars.
  3. To train the students to acquire generic knowledge in the areas of Civil Engineering
  4. To continuously update the physical infrastructure through modernization,thrust area development, R & D and other schemes
  5. To generate knowledge base through sustained research and developmental efforts
  6. To promote faculty development programmes for updating knowledge and improving their overall professional competence and caliber
  7. To produce engineers with self-confidence and overall personality who can be self employed and generate employment opportunities to fellow engineers and take active part in nation building, keeping in view the challenges of the future


  1. Imparting value based technical knowledge through qualitative theoretical inputs and practical exposure.
  2. Promoting industry – institute interaction and bridging the gap between the institute and industry and thus making the students best fit in the industry.
  3. To participate in community development programmes through value based consultancy services.
  4. To keep pace with the growing needs of the society at large and industry in particular through fundamental and applied research in the field of Civil Engineering